School Policies

Admission Policy (Updated 18/10/2016)

Acceptable Use of Mobile Phones & Electronic Devices Policy

Anaphylaxis Management Policy (Updated 18/10/2016)

Asthma Management Policy (Updated 18/10/2016)

Attendance Policy (updated 15/05/2018

BPay Policy  (Updated 20/02/2018)

Bullying and Harassment Policy (Updated 18/10/2016)

Camps and Excursions Policy (Updated 20/06/2017)

Care Arrangements for Ill Children (Updated 18/10/2016)

Child Safety Policy (Updated 18/10/2016)

Dogs/Pets at Werribee Primary School Policy - (Updated 19/06/2018)

Duty of Care Policy (Updated 18/10/2016)

EFTPos Policy  (Updated 20/02/2018)

Enrolment Policy (Updated 18/10/2016)

Facilities Hire Policy

Go For Your Life Policy (Updated 19/09/2017)

Headlice Policy

Homework Policy (updated 24/03/2015)

Immunisation Policy (Updated 18/10/2016)

Languages Policy  (Updated 17/11/2015)

Mandatory Reporting (Child Protection - Reporting Obligations) Updated 18/10/2016)

Medication Policy (Updated 18/10/2016)

Parent Complaints

Parent Helpers Policy

Parent Payment Policy (Updated 10/11/2017)

Privacy Policy (Department of Education Policy)
Privacy Policy - Frequently asked questions for parents
Privacy - Enrolment Form - Information for parents, guardians and carers
Privacy Information for parents, guardians and carers

Student Discipline Policy (Update 15/11/2016

Student Dress Code Policy (Updated 21/11/2017)

Sunsmart Policy (Update 20/06/2017

Sustainability Policy (Updated 19/09/2017)

Student Engagement Policy (updated 16/06/2015)


      Bullying & Harassment Policy

      Attendance Policy

      Student Discipline Policy

Visitors Policy

Working with Children Check Volunteers (Updated 18/10/2016)