Music lessons

In 2017 we offer keyboard and guitar lessons to our students.  These lessons are held during school times through Primary Music Institute at a cost to the parents.  Click here for details


Enrol via PMI's website or enrolment forms are available from the school office.


Primary Music Institute Stars Program 

Each school term, as part of our PMI Stars program, the students in our music classes have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and advance through our 16-level program. The students are making great progress.

As part of our program, we send a detailed progress report home to the parents, along with a coloured wrist band and also a "Star Board" (and stickers) to go up on the fridge to track progress through the next level.


Refresher: PMI Stars Program

The PMI Stars program consists of 100 'Star Missions' that students need to complete as part of their musical journey. Each Mission is based on one of five important musical skills that students must learn: music theory, sight reading, aural skills, practical skills and performing.


The 'Star Missions' are grouped into a series of 16 levels (8 Junior, 8 Senior) that the student can achieve, with names such as Musician, Performer, Maestro, Virtuoso, etc.


Students who advance through a level receive a package mailed home to their parents containing: (i) a coloured wristband as an award; (ii) a detailed letter for parents outlining: student progress, skills the student has mastered and tips for practice and parent involvement in the upcoming level; (iii) a new Star Board and stickers to put up on the fridge at home to record progress in the next level.


We find the Stars Program a great means for motivating and rewarding students, communicating progress to parents and ensuring a quality curriculum of core musical skills.


If you have any further questions please contact us, otherwise thanks for a great term of music


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