Future Plans

Werribee Primary School is always planning for the future.  Please find below some current and future plans for the school.

2016 - 2019

Real Schools - Supporting PBS

We have formed a three year partnership with Real Schools commencing in 2015 and continuing to 2017 to enhance our School Wide Positive Behaviours Support (PBS) approach.  How this partnership will develop will be posted on our website as it progresses. Click here for more information

Xuno Student Management Sytem

We will be implementing the system throughout 2015 and beyond.  The system will allow us to manage student information and communication more effectively and efficiently.  As the system is being rolled out you will be notified on how you will be able to communicate and connect with the school and find out what is happening with your child's learning in real time through this system.

Introduction of a Music Program

We are very excited about the introduction of our Music program in 2016. The program will be implemented across all Year Levels from Foundation to Year 6.  Mr Joshua Tooth will be the Music/Performing Arts Teacher for all classes

2016 Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)

The annual implementation plan describes how the key improvement strategies in the school strategic plan, and other significant projects, will be put into operation during the year and how they will be monitored. It assists our school to:

  • plan and communicate our work for the coming year and how this will lead to achieving our identified goals and targets
  • ensure efficient and effective allocation of resources to complete the work
  • monitor progress and success. 

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